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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is DiviGurus based?

We are a small Canadian’s business located in Montreal. We aim to get Worldwide clients.

How can I install a Divi Layout or Template?

Please, visit our Tutorials section, we will help you get there.

Can I suggest any Templates?

Sure. Let us know by contact us here.

Can you help me installing Divi on my website?

Sure. Let us know your problem here. We will help you install Themes, Builder, Templates and much more.

How DiviGurus is making money out of this plateform?

First, we sell our own Divi addons. Second, we have affiliates link with many companies. We usally make 10% – 20% of each sale. That’s it.

Can DiviGurus sells my own Divi's stuff?

Sure. Let us know what you sell by contact us here. We love to make new partnerships.

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